[mythtv] myththemes Git repo master branch without Arclight?

Markus Schulz msc at antzsystem.de
Wed Mar 2 11:02:40 UTC 2011


the Arclight theme don't exists in master branch, only in fixes/0.24. 
Why not?

Is it possible to send patches (as trac ticket) for external (not inside 
mythtv/themes/ dir) themes?
I (and perhaps others) need the show start/stop time in LiveTV browse 
mode. Without its almost valueless to browse via browse mode. 

Additional the aspect ratio of the video inside livetv-epg was wrong. 
Is this a theme error, whereas i've found 
<preserveaspect>true</preserveaspect> inside the video element of 
Arclight, or a mythui error? 


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