[mythtv] Issues with new win32 build script under MinGW/MSys (was Re: [RFC v2] New Win32 build script)

Lawrence Rust lvr at softsystem.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 20:05:07 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 19:56 +0100, Jonathan Martens wrote:
> Lawrence, e.a.,
> Although the instructions have changed a little in the mean time 
> (./mythbuild.sh instead of ./mythbuildw32) I tried building on Windows 
> XP SP 3 under MinGW/MSys and am running into a few issues.
> 1. Extracting the patches seems to fail:

I see the problem - symlinks.  I've now rebuilt the patches with a tar
-h option to deref the links and uploaded it to the website.  So delete
your copy and retry.


> When trying to log this in order to send it too the list it seems that 
> the logic leading up to the log option seems to fail and thus disable 
> logging:
> $ ./mythbuild.sh -l
> which: free: unknown command

This is just the error message from which.  I'll add a 2>&1 to dump

> Unable to create named FIFO, logging disabled
> I investigated a little and it seems:
> 2. free does not exist in MinGW/MSys
> 3. mkfifo seems to bail out/be defunct:
> $ pipe=`mktemp -u`
> $ echo $pipe
> /tmp/tmp.izkSGxpeDM
> $ mkfifo "$pipe"
> mkfifo: cannot create fifo `/tmp/tmp.izkSGxpeDM': Function not implemented
> Any change you can make the script under MinGW/MSys again (as I 
> currently have no Linux box available for cross-compilation)?

Unfortunately I can't fix the log issue - it's an MSys problem (unless
you have a suggestion) but the script should now build with the
de-symlinked patches.

It appears that adding 2>&1 | tee -a mythbuild.log does work so FIFOs do
sort of work.

-- Lawrence

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