[mythtv] Commflagging issues

Jim Stichnoth stichnot at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 02:57:15 UTC 2010

Here are some commflagging related issues I've seen after the first
heavy day of the U.S. Fall TV season.

1. When watching a recording in progress, there is no "Jobs" menu
under the playback menu.  This is because the Jobs menu is only
created when the player context state is kState_WatchingPreRecorded or
kState_WatchingLiveTV, but in this case the state is
kState_WatchingRecording.  It's not clear whether that state should be
part of the test, or whether the player context has the wrong state.

2. Some commflag jobs seem to get stuck in a "99% Completed" state
according to the mythweb Backend Status page.  The backend log
indicates that the job has completed successfully, but it seems like
the DB is not getting properly updated.  Wondering if anyone else sees

3. I think commflagging does not ignore the cutlist.  Probably no one
ever runs commflagging after editing a recording, but I was doing some
of that while working on #8522.


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