[mythtv] Exclusive access to the cutlist editor

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Sep 15 07:26:40 UTC 2010

  On 09/15/2010 01:03 AM, Jim Stichnoth wrote:
> I noticed a problem in the cutlist editor.  When you start editing, it
> first checks whether the editing column of the recorded table is set
> (ProgramInfo::QueryIsEditing()).  If so, it is supposed to bring up a
> dialog prompting you whether to continue editing or not.  The problem
> is that this dialog is not coming up for some reason.  Instead,
> playback is simply paused.  This is easily reproduced by entering the
> editor, forcibly restarting the frontend, and then reentering the
> editor on the same recording.
> I wanted to ask whether anyone else is seeing this before filing a bug
> or digging into it.  More importantly, though, I also want to ask
> whether people think this "editing" column really has value.  My
> opinion is that it should be removed.  It feels like there were good
> intentions when it was introduced, but today it strikes me as an
> incomplete solution to a not very important problem.

It's going to be removed and replaced in the recordedfile schema 
change.  I just added back the code to actually set the recorded.editing 
field in the DB in [26215] (which also mentions the planned changes).  
It seems we had lost the code in one of the rather major changes of 
late.  It's too late to make any more major changes for 0.24, so this 
approach should work fine for it, and we can modify the approach when we 
modify the DB schema (where we'll actually need to modify the approach 
to handle multiple files per recording properly)

All that said, the dialog is actually working properly for me (though 
you /must/ have r26215 or higher for it to work).  If you're using a 
sufficiently new revision and still not seeing it, please try setting 
your video renderer to Xv, since the behavior you describe seems to 
indicate it's pausing and putting up a dialog, but you're just not 
seeing it.  If it is a rendering problem, I won't be of any help solving 
it.  :(

There is one thing that seems weird, though, about the dialog.  It gives 
you 2 options, "Continue Editing," (which seems to mean, "My frontend 
crashed while I was in the middle of editing, and I want to resume 
editing.") and, "Do not edit" (yes, they do have different 
capitalization styles, but I only just noticed that because I'm looking 
much more closely because of your message).  I had assumed, "Do not 
edit," means "Oh, someone else is already editing it on another frontend 
system," but TV::HandleOSDAlreadyEditing() sets recorded.editing to 
false in either case, meaning if you hit EDIT (E) again, it will just go 
directly into editing mode.  I left it that way because I assumed it was 
that way for a reason, but if others agree "Do not edit" should mean, 
"Leave the state as is," I can change it.


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