[mythtv] Ticket #8679: mythfrontend deletes settings when db connection is "weak" (was Re: Please unlock ticket)

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Tue Oct 5 20:44:52 UTC 2010


On 26.07.2010 02:12, Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> That log was not with "-v database".  Would be helpful if you could post
> one that does.

This incident just happened again. Since the last time, I have upgraded
the frontend and backend, now running newer versions of mysql and MythTV
(0.23.1 instead of 0.22).

I now have a "-v database" log:


This time (with 0.23.1 instead of 0.22), some of the same and some
different settings where resetted. For example, the path to mythgallery
was again resetted, but not the displayprofiles. On the other hand, the
PCM volume was resetted only this time, as can be seen here:

2010-10-05 08:52:12.082 MSqlQuery::exec(DBManager0) SELECT * FROM
settings WHERE value = 'PCMMixerVolume' AND hostname = 'frontend'; <<<<
Returns 1 row(s)
2010-10-05 08:52:12.084 MSqlQuery::exec(DBManager0) UPDATE settings SET
value = 'PCMMixerVolume', data = '70', hostname = 'frontend' WHERE value
= 'PCMMixerVolume' AND hostname = 'frontend';
2010-10-05 08:52:12.084 Error preparing query: SELECT * FROM settings
2010-10-05 08:52:12.085 Driver error was [2/2006]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to prepare statement
Database error was:
MySQL server has gone away

mythfrontend tries to read the PCMMixerVolume from the DB and gets an
error. Despite the error it continues and tries to reset the
PCMMixerVolume to 70 and this succeeds! The same happens to several
other settings, which are reset to default after the incident.

The cause of the mysql error is still note clear to me. If I read the
log correctly, the server was first available and then was not and then
again available... I see nothing in the mysql server logs on the backend.

Any new thoughts, anyone?



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