[mythtv] Understanding the myth source code

Alan Young ayoung at teleport.com
Tue May 25 21:29:36 UTC 2010

On 05/25/2010 02:19 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote
> That's what I thought.  Problem is it isn't a script.  It is the internal
> firewire channel changer and it does return.  It did its job.  The set
> top box is the one that isn't done doing what it was commanded yet.
> It needs a delay somehow.  Perhaps just putting sleep(5) at the end of
> the firewire channel changing function will do the job

Does the setup box have a function that indicates what channel it is 
on?  In my DirecTV STB channel changer, after I send the channel change 
command I use that function that it has to try to verify the box thinks 
the channel has been changed before returning to mythtv.


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