[mythtv] Translate to spanish

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sun May 9 01:48:03 UTC 2010


Please don't top post as it is frowned upon on the MythTV mailing list (and most 
mailing lists for that regard).

Josu Lazkano wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, I read the wiki page and it is very hard to
> translate it (compile, apply patch,...).

Recompiling would not be absolutely necessary but as for the rest unless somebody can 
do these steps for you I don't know how you could avoid them...

> Is possible to install this translation scripts?
> http://www.transdroid.org/translate/

Unless this can process Qt's translation files (.ts and .qm), no... Qt is actually 
used for a lot more than simply translation in MythTV so I don't think that will ever 
  be replaced by something else...

> It is really easy and everyone would translate.

Qt Linguist is actually pretty easy to use but I agree that the rest of the steps 
required might look a little more intimidating.

Your best bet then might be to team up with other people that might be more 
confortable with the the update, conversion and patch generation steps and which 
could provide you with the up-to-date translation files which you could then update 
with your new translations and resubmit to them.

Anyway, with the size of these translations it's a pretty good idea to team up with 
other people to keep them updated. For the French translation when everybody has time 
to contribute we are actually 4 people (3 that do the actual translation and a fourth 
one that makes sure what we need resource wise (SVN, FTP, etc...) is always available 
to us.).

I would however suggest you first try to get in touch with the person I mentioned to 
see if he still works on the Spanish translation...

> Thanks for the info, king regards.

I believe you meant kind regards...

Have a nice day!


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