[mythtv] strings freeze?

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Thu Mar 4 22:05:24 UTC 2010

2010/3/4 Kenni Lund <kenni at kelu.dk>:
> 2010/3/4 Petr Stehlik <pstehlik at sophics.cz>:
>> Hi,
>> is there going to be a strings freeze for translators? Or have I missed
>> that already? I have run lupdate on SVN by myself and started
>> translating that but the recent changes of themestring.h and surrounding
>> stuff are worrying me. Am I working with the right source .ts files? And
>> when's the last time to create a translation ticket to be included in
>> 0.23?
> Hi Petr
> The problem with the current themestrings (SVN trunk r23661) are that
> a lot of the strings from the plugins are part of the mythfrontend
> translation, even though many of them are already translated in the
> individual plugins. I submitted a patch for the run.sh script
> yesterday, which I hope will get reviewed by a developer ASAP and used
> to generate new themestrings before 0.23 release. This should move
> around 200 translations from mythfrontend to the plugins and most of
> these will then get collapsed with existing translations.
> If I were you, I would start out with translating the plugins, as the
> above change will only add more strings to the plugins, not remove
> any. If you translate mythfrontend now and the above change gets
> accepted, you will in worst case end up loosing 200 translations.
> AFAIK, a RC will get released before the final release and even once
> the final release is out, translations will get accepted into
> 0.23-fixes for a week or two afterwards.

danielk has just comitted the new themestrings with the commit-message
"Hopefully the final themestrings update for 0.23" :) Let's hope it is
so and get our translations done now.

Best Regards
Kenni Lund

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