[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #6899: Detect programs damaged by their broadcasters and notify the user for rescheduling

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Mon Mar 1 21:37:49 UTC 2010

I agree with just about everything you've said.

(Surprise! :)

[I could say, "But I'll maintain it!" but obviously that won't scale
and I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.]

Here's a suggestion, in that case:  Would it be reasonable to have a
"user-contributed scripts" area in the wiki?  The only way somebody's
going to find the patch in Trac is via a Google search, and it's still
unlikely that they'll really be able to figure out which tickets have
patches they could use, etc.  Putting them in the wiki makes it at
least a little easier for people to find large collections of useful
things without searching all over the net for them (and discovering
that something useful is gone because some random website vanished).

[I'm thinking of something with the prominence of the various links on
the toplevel page, e.g., "User-contributed code" or something, perhaps
under/near "External Links".  (Yes, it'll mess up the even-number-of-items
layout there; oh well. :)  A few minutes of Googling plus targeted
looking-around on the wiki didn't find such a thing, so even if it's
there, it's probably not placed in a way that most people will find
it.  The Knowledge Base and Feature Wishlists sections don't seem to
have such a thing in them, for example.]

Also, something that might help:  The devos should decide exactly what
role contrib should play, and document it (probably in a README in
contrib).  How supported should stuff in it be?  Why should/shouldn't
something be in there?  Right now, it's really unclear to me what the
criteria are, or if those criteria are stable over time.  If the idea
is "we never want to maintain anyone else's stuff", then contrib
should be -empty-, and it's not, so is the stuff there just stuff that
snuck in before anyone really made up their minds?

[You might also put a README in the distributed contrib dir pointing
at the user-contributed-scripts section in the wiki, as a reminder as
to where else one might easily find various user-contributed stuff;
I'm fairly sure there are always going to be people who might start in
contrib but will need be reminded, "Oh, wait, there's another pile of
things I should look at as well".  That would have included me, when
I started.]

The basic thing I'm trying to avoid is having 50 bits of code on 50
different websites; a wiki allows community-controlled modification of
the code and also community-controlled commentary, like "this tool is
great -but- watch out if your environment is like -this- or it'll
screw you...", so doing this right, and on the MythTV wiki, has the
potential to work out -better- than putting something into contrib,
even if contrib was always maintained.

If this is generally considered to be a Good Idea, I'll start such a
page under some plausible name and then put 6899's relevant content
into a subpage.  (698-8- is a different story; that's an actual Myth
patch that hasn't been reviewed yet, in part 'cause (a) there's some
disagreement over the goal and (b) because I wrote it against non-
trunk and will need to fix that, so it's not too surprising it's
been sitting there for a while.)

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