[mythtv] Regarding EIT

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 16:10:59 UTC 2010


Thank you for the detailed reply!

>> Per a thread over on -users, I'm playing around with the EIT code
>> (0.23) to stop it from constantly scanning for EPG data. However, the
>> more I dig into it, I more I feel some aspects need to be discussed.
> I'm working on major EIT scanning changes for 0.24. I'll comment on your
> points on by one and say what I've changed or plan to change.

That's great news!

> Planned to
> prioritize by last scan time and available programming informations.

Sounds good.

> I don't know how eit scanning interacts with with the HDHR but there
> should be only one active EIT scan for each real card.


> The check in
> libs/libmythtv/tv_rec.cpp line 1347 need to have the HDHR equivalent of
> '(GetDVBChannel() || GetDVBChannel()->IsMaster())' added.

Ah, that explains the problem.

> All the logic which channel/multiplex to scan is moved to a single
> backend thread. It makes it easier to decided when all multiplexes are
> scanned.


> I intend to add an option to tell the scanner how often each
> multiplex should be scanned each day (intended range 0-6 with 0 being
> the current behavior). Could be easily extended to 24 but I don't see
> the point.

That would be great. My only reason for a shorter interval is North
American broadcasters sometimes only send 6 hours of EPG data on EIT.
6/day or every-4-hours would generally work unless I had a bunch of
back-to-back recordings towards the end of a 6-hour window. But for
users outside the US or users with more than 1 tuner, 6/day should be

> I think the how many scans per day option makes more sense and allows
> idle shutdowwn of eitscanning backends.

Works for me.

>> If I submit a feature enhancement
>> request for any of the above, is there a snowball's chance it will get
>> worked on by someone?
> Even without in this case.

You rock. :)

> I think you're main grumble will be resolved with fixing the bug in
> tv_rec.cpp. I'll look into it this week if you don't beat me to it.

I'll look, and post here if I get anywhere, but you know way more
about this stuff than I do so please don't wait for me...

> For the other changes you have to wait for 0.24 or use trunk after I'm
> finished.

Ok. I will gladly test your changes in trunk on my HDHR, and I'm also
happy to provide any other help I can.

Many thanks!!

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