[mythtv] Ticket #8206 Pseudostreaming for Mythweb

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 17:09:19 UTC 2010

You said:

>The ticket 8206 add pseudostreeming, allow you to seek to arbitrary
>position, not only in the buffered part.
>It's based on the pseudostreming plugin made by flowplayer and freely
>available. I've just
>simplified it to only restart the streming with a start position passed by
>the url: to ffmpeg as "start offset".
>I've tested it with firefox on ubuntu and safari on OSX and it worked fine
>for me, but I didn't tested on iexplorer.
>Yes, I should have done a description from the start...

I tried your patches on .23-fixes 24572. They did not apply cleanly,
but I massaged them a little and got them to apply. It is not clear to
me which version they are designed to patch against. I'm also not sure
if 8017 should be applied first. I did have it applied first.

In any case I found a couple of issues. For some mpeg2 sources (ATSC) it would
not seek, only giving the spinning circle when seeking. It would play from the
beginning just fine. For one h.264 source (HD-PVR), it could seek, but the sound
was out of sync. This is on fedora 12 with ffmpeg  0.5.1-33_git20100404.


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