[mythtv] [Q]: can someone point me to where myth "decides" if a stream is encrypted or not?

Emmanuel eallaud at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 02:54:31 UTC 2010

James Courtier-Dutton a écrit :
> On 7 June 2010 01:46, Emmanuel <eallaud at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'll try to see if the TS packets are marked or not. I'll see what I can
>> come up with.
>> Bye
>> Manu
> I have a simple tool that records an entire DVB mux to a file.
> I then have another tool that runs through the file and then displays
> a summary of all the PIDs and says if any of them have the "scrambled"
> bits set.
> It also displays details about each program, and the name of each program.
> It is not release quality, but I could send it to you, as source code,
> if it would help.
A Quick update. Here is the output of dvbscan:
0x025a 0x2351: pmt_pid 0x050b CANALSATELLITE -- CINEMA CLUB (running, 
0x025a 0x2352: pmt_pid 0x050c CANALSATELLITE -- PLANETE (running, scrambled)
0x025a 0x2353: pmt_pid 0x050d CANALSATELLITE -- CANAL J (running, scrambled)
0x025a 0x2354: pmt_pid 0x050e CANALSATELLITE -- COMEDIE ! (running, 
0x025a 0x2355: pmt_pid 0x050f CANALSATELLITE -- CINEMA EMOTION (running, 
0x025a 0x2356: pmt_pid 0x0510 CANALSATELLITE -- 13EME RUE (running, 
0x025a 0x2357: pmt_pid 0x0511 CANALSATELLITE -- VOYAGE (running, scrambled)
0x025a 0x2358: pmt_pid 0x0512 CANALSATELLITE -- RTL9 (running, scrambled)
0x025a 0x2359: pmt_pid 0x0513 CANALSATELLITE -- ACTION (running, scrambled)
WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0010
 >>> tune to: 11675:v:0:30000
DVB-S IF freq is 1925000
0x025b 0x2364: pmt_pid 0x0500 Canalsat Caraibes -- Radio Guadeloupe 
0x025b 0x2365: pmt_pid 0x0501 Canalsat Caraibes -- TV5 LA (running)
0x025b 0x2366: pmt_pid 0x0502 Canalsat Caraibes -- ESPN (running)
0x025b 0x2367: pmt_pid 0x0503 Canalsat Caraibes -- BET (running)
0x025b 0x2368: pmt_pid 0x0504 Canalsat Caraibes -- CNN I (running)
0x025b 0x2369: pmt_pid 0x0505 Canalsat Caraibes -- Tele Guyane (running)
0x025b 0x236a: pmt_pid 0x0506 Canalsat Caraibes -- ATV (running)
0x025b 0x236b: pmt_pid 0x0507 Canalsat Caraibes -- Tele Martinique (running)
0x025b 0x236c: pmt_pid 0x0508 Canalsat Caraibes -- Tele Guadeloupe (running)
0x025b 0x236d: pmt_pid 0x0509 Canalsat Caraibes -- TEMPO / FRANCE O 

The last line describes the problematic channel which is not detected as 
being scrambled. Also the preceding channels (eg. Tele Guadeloupe) are 
watchable with no problem, BUT, in mythtv liveTV I get a LMSC when 
tuning to them which means that they are descrambled!!

Now the channels.conf line corresponding to the offending channel is:

TEMPO / FRANCE O:11675:v:0:30000:169:116:9069

and file created by dump (James' prog) is in attachment (it has been 
cut, I can provide more of it if necessary) so you can check how it sees 
I will try to apply Daniel's patch, but later sorry...

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