[mythtv] r25410 makes for huge fonts in setup menus

David Morrison dave at bnl.gov
Mon Jul 26 15:24:40 UTC 2010

Just to followup - things are OK now.  In the logs I saw that
QFont::setPointSize was being asked to set the font size to 0.  I
instrumented the calls to MythMainWindow::NormalizeFontSize to see what
was going on.  Turn out that logicalDpiY had some ridiculously large
value, like 2500 dpi.  The desired font size is scaled by
100/logicalDpiY.  After rounding, that turns out to be 0 points, more or
less. The weird value of logicalDpiY came about because the RadeonHD
driver was reporting the physical size of the monitor as 16mm x 9mm -
but still with 720p resolution.  Talk about a retina display.  Maybe
that's some bad EDID parsing.  Who knows.  I tucked in a DisplaySize
line in the Monitor section of xorg.conf with the right physical size
and everything is fine.

In the end, not mythtv's fault.  I don't know why Terra seemed to be
unaffected but Arclight's menus were rendered illegible.  I'm not sure
why the small change from 25409 to 25410 would trigger this.  And maybe
one could argue (though I'm not) that mythtv could do a bit more input
checking to guard against such bizarre values.

Thanks for the screenshots and tips - they got me looking in the right

On 7/25/10 9:39 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>  On 07/25/2010 08:49 AM, David Morrison wrote:
>> Yep, 10' UI, got it - it's on a 720p LCD TV.  I've been using it for two
>> years.  First part easy:
>> +--------------+------+----------+
>> | value        | data | hostname |
>> +--------------+------+----------+
>> | QtFontBig    | 24   | mythtv   |
>> | QtFontMedium | 20   | mythtv   |
>> | QtFontSmall  | 18   | mythtv   |
>> | QtFonTweak   | 0    | mythtv   |
>> +--------------+------+----------+
> Heh, yeah.  With those values the fonts should actually be a little bit
> smaller than they were.
>> I grabbed a screenshot of r25410 using the Terra theme to have an apples
>> to apples comparison ... and it looks fine:
>> http://imagebin.ca/view/dH9zKQ.html
>> But, normally I use Arclight.  If I switch to that theme, with r25140,
>> it looks like this:
>> http://imagebin.ca/view/cuj4uin.html
> Agreed.  That's unusable.
>> I now suspect that it's a font problem (on my end) that is only made
>> manifest by the new code.  I'll investigate a few things on my own.
>> Thanks for the tips.
> This is what I get with Arclight at r25419: 
> http://imagebin.ca/view/NmVR8oX.html
> The only substantive change in [25410] was hard-coding the font sizes
> 25, 16, and 12 for the setup stuff.
> I'm not sure exactly which fonts are used in the Qt UI (I /think/ it's
> the one specified in the theme's qtlook.txt, which means it would be
> Frutiger LT Std for Arclight).  The above screen shot is without
> Frutiger LT installed on my system, and my system should be falling back
> to "DejaVu Sans":
> $ fc-list | grep -i frut
> $ fc-match 'Frutiger LT Std'
> I'll ask Robert about changing the qtlook.txt for Arclight to use one of
> the fonts he's now using in the main UI, but it would still be
> interesting to find out what's causing this issue for you.  Can you try
> changing the font in qtlook.txt and see if using a different font
> "fixes" the issue for you?  Also, commenting the font in qtlook.txt
> should use whatever font Terra is using (the one specified by your
> system Qt theme, maybe?) since Terra doesn't specify a font in qtlook.txt.
> Thanks for looking into it, and please let us know what you find.
> Mike
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