[mythtv] [PATCH] Enable recording of encrypted channels withoutdecrypting them first.

wf_myth_user at online.nl wf_myth_user at online.nl
Fri Jul 16 11:20:46 UTC 2010

> >> Johan
> >>
> > It should be doable.
> > There is a switch between the tuner and the CAM.
> > Data can go
> > 1) tuner ->  CAM ->  PCI ->  File ->  display.
> > 2) File ->  PCI ->  CAM ->  PCI ->  File ->  display.
> > We just need to modify myth to be able to use option (2).
> > The DVB api already supports both (1) and (2), but it appears that
> > both (1) and (2) are illegal in the USA because CAM are only
> > authorised to be in STBs and not PCs.
> >
> Not quite.  (1) would be perfectly fine in the states, were it
> available.  Instead, we have CableCard, which is a full fledged DRM
> scheme.  It requires that the video be stored in an encrypted format on
> the disk, and remain in a protected path all the way to the display.

If option (1) is fine in the states option(2) should be even better.
Because with the current way things work, the file is stored unencrypted.
This means anyone who can access this file (mythweb samba nfs etc.) can play
this file without any restrictions.
But when the file is stored encrypted only people who have access to a cam
with smartcard can watch the file.
So for legal reasons option(2) would be the better solution.
When looking at it this way it would even make sense to move the cam and
smartcard to the frontend.



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