[mythtv] [PATCH] Enable recording of encrypted channels withoutdecrypting them first.

wf_myth_user at online.nl wf_myth_user at online.nl
Thu Jul 15 20:05:22 UTC 2010

>Storing an encrypted stream is not a DMCA violation (as it hasn't been
>decrypted), and I don't see using a CAM to decrypt as a DMCA violation
>either (Its fully supported in myth anyway) as the CAM contains a licensed
>Now, I'm totally not a lawyer, nor even a developer, so apologies for
>speaking out.
>So the difference is merely storing an encrypted stream and decrypting it
>(with a valid license) later
>I don't think this is a DMCA violation at all, but I could be entirley
>Who cares wether it's decrypted sooner or later, the copyright holders
>might be more upset it's being stored at all, but they'd be more upset if
>it was stored unencrypted (as currently) surely?


My parents PVR5020(Echostar) does exactly this.
It can record up to 4 programs at the same time encrypted or not.
Each night at 3:00 it decrypts all recordings.
If you watch a recording before it is decrypted it decrypts the recording
while watching.
All with original cam and smartcard from the provider.
This is sold as a legal solution here in the Netherlands(Europe).

If mythtv could work like this it would be a very very nice feature because
it would give the multirec options much more use.

Next question is, if you have a DVB-card with a Common Interface.
Will the common interface be directly available to mythtv to pass a file
true it.



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