[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #8634: tmdb.py metadata image download fails

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* On Fri Jul 02, 2010 at 09:21:52PM -0000, MythTV wrote:
>   2. Its properly mythbackend which is doing the actual download of the
>  fanart, and is not able to interprete the 301 it gets from
>  (And btw its not a HTML redirect ... its a HTTP redirect.)
>  ''just my two cents''

Make that ~1.5.  It's not mythbackend, the backend currently does not
have the ability to download like this.  That feature is about a week
or two away and when committed, it will properly handle HTTP redirects.

I believe this is python code doing the downloading of the HTTP URI and
re-uploading to the myth:// URI into a storage group.  When I commit
the backend download code, this will become much simpler, the app will
be able to tell the backend to download URL X into Storage Group Y
without having to download and re-upload.



For years I have had all my videos in a storage location accessible to the
frontend. Then meta images came about and were also able to be stored in a
location accessible to the frontend. There was no need for me to change once
storage groups came about as my way still worked, that is, until recently.

Something changed recently with how images were discovered for the Watch
Recordings page. It would only locate the first image for the first show in
Watch Recordings, usually a Fanart. And only for the first time I went into
the Watch Recordings screen after a launch. All other videos, with the
exception of other shows of the same name, would not load any of their meta
images and after closing the Watch Recordings page and reopening nothing
loaded, not even the one that loaded previously.

The fix was to move to storage groups for my meta images. As a result of
this, even though Jamu downloaded the meta images for the videos, they did
not load in MythVideo anymore. The wiki stated this was because storage
group images only load for video in the video storage group. Once I setup
the videos storage group on the backend the images started loading again.

The only problem was that I had some ISOs and they don't work with storage
groups yet so I put them into a location that was accessible to the
frontend. I then setup some local image storage locations (non-storage
group) for the meta images and discovered this issue that is currently
plaguing TMDB downloads.

Long email to get to my point I know...

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