[mythtv] BBC Freeview HD encoded/licensed EPG content proposal - comments due 2nd April 2010

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 18:59:05 UTC 2010

Hi There,

I dont know the structure of EIT information; but could a programme be
flagged so that the set top box is told to tune to a companion
"interactive" channel.

If they only provided this information over EIT then Myth wouldn't
know to tune to the correct channel.

The concept is floored however as this is supposed to be to stop the
spread of HD material and of course all it takes is one clever
hacker... not me obviously...

hasn't the inconvenient fact been recognised yet...
DRM hardly does anything let alone stop the determined... (eventually)
all it does (in the medium term) is inconvenience those that want to
consume media in a fair way...
and... DRM tends to stop trends from showing which can point to new
business models...

Napter & iTunes is an example; "Napster will kill music", iTunes came
out with DRM for years cause of Napster.... but suddenly this is no
longer an issue despite tonnes of P2P software being in use... but now
iTunes sells high quality music without DRM with the permission of the
music industry... and music is so much easier to share around than HD
video files.


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