[mythtv] Seek (back and forth) broken in MythTV trunk r23186

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Jan 19 02:29:13 UTC 2010

On 01/18/2010 02:42 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 01/17/2010 07:46 PM, agraham wrote:
>> I just upgraded my mythtv 0.22 to trunk r23186
>> It appears that the seek forward and backward is completely broken
>> when viewing TV recordings.
>> Lets suppose while watching any existing record (or live TV) I wish to
>> jump ahead 5 minutes, I would normally  press 5 then right arrow -
>> this now always brings me to the end of the record.
>> If I try to rewind 5 minutes, I press 5 left arrow and now this always
>> brings me to the beginning of the recording.
>> Not sure when this problem got introduced, or if the logic has changed
>> but this was a really useful feature.
>> Now in order to seek I must use right or left arrow and watch it seek
>> on screen x3 x5 x10 x20... x180.
> You had StickyKeys enabled--which allowed you to hit Left/Right once and
> the player stuck in rewind/fast-forward mode.  There is no longer a
> StickyKeys setting, so Left and Right are now mapped to the RWNDSTICKY
> and FFWDSTICKY actions in TV Playback context (which are used for
> absolute seeks when preceded by numbers).
> If you want to use incremental seek, you'll need to unmap Left/Right
> disable the "use Left/Right as sticky keys") or map some other keys to
> SEEKRWND/SEEKFFWD and use those keys instead of Left/Right for
> incremental seek.

Ok, that sounded like it was English, but my comprehension thereof 
was.....not at all as I would have liked!. The code names (variables?) 
SEEKRWND and SEEKFFWD are not described in keys.txt. What *keys* are those?

The disappearance of 'stickykeys' is not mentioned anywhere, a major 
omission. This is a major change in the working manner of the system and 
has not been explained at all. Nor is there a comprehensible description 
of how to fix or work around the situation.

  I ran through the settings on the box, and, yes, we have no sticky keys!.
However, StickyKeys = 1 in mythconverg.

Would it be sufficient just to set StickyKeys to '0'?
I have the 'Right' button on my iMon remote mapped to 'Right' in myth, 
and similarly for 'Left"

Parsing the what your wrote, it appears that to emulate the old 
situation, I would have to map a remote key for '<' and '>' and use that 
instead of right or left. That would be irritating until my muscle 
memory remembered the new state of affairs, but would be do-able.

What is still unclear, is whether the jump is relative or absolute. The 
new keys.txt strongly implies that it is absolute and moreover that 
jumping forward is counter-intuitively a jump to a point the provided 
time span backwards from the end....Huh???

In which case, finally, where do I set the configuration for the skip 
forward/skip back number of seconds. No can find...

WAF dropping like Martha Coakley's chances of winning...

 From the new keys.txt:

- Left arrow to skip back the configured number of seconds (default is 5)
- Right arrow to skip forward the configured number of seconds (default 
is 30)
- < starts sticky rewind mode
     If a jump amount is entered, jump to that position.
- > starts sticky fast forward mode
     If a jump amount is entered, jump that amount from the end.


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