[mythtv] Seek (back and forth) broken in MythTV trunk r23186

agraham agraham at g-b.net
Mon Jan 18 00:46:33 UTC 2010


I just upgraded my mythtv 0.22 to trunk r23186

It appears that the seek forward and backward is completely broken when 
viewing TV recordings.

Lets suppose while watching any existing record (or live TV) I wish to 
jump ahead 5 minutes, I would normally  press 5 then right arrow - this 
now always brings me to the end of the record.

If I try to rewind 5 minutes, I press 5 left arrow and now this always 
brings me to the beginning of the recording.

Not sure when this problem got introduced, or if the logic has changed 
but this was a really useful feature.

Now in order to seek I must use right or left arrow and watch it seek on 
screen x3 x5 x10 x20... x180.

I also noticed that in new input fields the letter D (or d) cannot be 
used, e.g. I wanted to configure my Myth Weather, my location is London, 
but will not accept the d in London, This seems to apply to all input 
fields - strange.


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