[mythtv] "Missing Cover" in mythweb videos

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Sat Jan 16 23:54:30 UTC 2010

Nicolas Riendeau wrote:
> Nicolas Riendeau wrote:
>> OK the cover_file DOES HAVE the path in it...
>> I get this in this variable for one of my movies:
>> /storage/coverart/0343818_coverart.jpg
>> So what the code you posted does is OK. It tests for the presence of 
>> the file using the actual path of the file (to which the web server 
>> must have access) and then it strips this path and replaces it with 
>> the path reliative to the web server root in cover_url.
> BTW, I am not sure this is such a great idea to put the path of these 
> files in the database and then strip them like it's currently being done 
> though but the fix for that would need to be done elsewhere, not in 
> MythWeb...

the point i'm making is that in my database the cover_file does *NOT* 
have the full path. it may well do in your database.

my hunch (but i have not trawled through the code) is that the 
difference is whether you are using storage groups or not.

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