[mythtv] MythWeb, RSS, and Streaming

Matt Gundry mjgundry at faa-engineers.com
Thu Jan 14 23:04:31 UTC 2010


I am a new to the list and have some questions that I hope some of you 
can answer. With the release of the Ruku SDK for the DVP, I thought I 
would look into what it would take to make a channel to watch 
videos/shows from an existing MythTV setup. I am currently using MythTV 
0.22 on Ubuntu Server 9.10.

Streaming a properly encoded video file from MythWeb to the DVP has 
already been demonstrated. The next phase is to get MythTV to serve the 
list of video or music files in an RSS feed with links to the 
streams/cover art/etc. After reviewing the MythTV and MythWeb sources, 
it appears the best way to go about this would be to add a theme to 
MythWeb to accomplish this - does that sound correct?

For example, to get an RSS feed of my MythVideo library I have added a 
php script at modules/video/tmpl/rss/video.php that effectively outputs 
the XML I need. I basically followed what was in the rss theme for the 
tv module. (I also had to make small change to the init.php for the 
video module so the rss theme would get used - it would initially only 
recognize the default theme). Am I going about this the right way?

Finally, can anyone venture a guess as to what my best option is for 
on-the-fly transcoding? From other posts I've read it sounds like vlc or 
ffserver might be options. Very little of my current library is encoded 
in a format viewable on the Roku. Due to space and time constraints, it 
would be nice to be able to transcode into the appropriate format on-fly 
rather than transcode the entire library.

Thanks for your help,

Matt Gundry, PE

At Work		mjgundry at faa-engineers.com
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