[mythtv] Ticket #7887: Additional MusicExitAction option for MythMusic

Garrick mythtv at jamesplace.org
Sun Jan 10 07:24:30 UTC 2010

>  Thanks for your effort.  This isn't quite the right way to go about what
>  you are trying to do.

The MythMusic plugin has a configuration option (MusicExitAction) to
control what happens when requesting to exiting MythMusic.  This patch
simply adds one more possible value for that configuration option.
Given that the value I am trying to have added deals with what happens
when exiting MythMusic, why should it not be implement in the same
manner as its peer values for MusicExitAction?

>  The best/easiest way to do so is probably to write
>  an event using our new event amanger code to perform an action when
>  mythmusic is closed (probably a two line patch).

This patch is only two lines (adds one new line and makes a change to
an existing line).  Given that the patch is dealing with things before
mythmusic closes.  (I'm assuming that) An event that gets generated
after it closes won't help.  Besides, why should this not be implement
with the other peer values for MusicExitAction?  If Events are the way
it is supposed to be done, then why does MusicExitAction exist?


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