[mythtv] Longterm direction of eitfixup -- and some specific advice sought.

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at alstadheim.priv.no
Sun Jan 3 00:05:45 UTC 2010

Hi all, I must admit I don't follw this list too closely, so maybe my 
question has already been answered. A google search or an URI in answer 
to this mail will be well received.

I'm working on some eit fixups for Norwegian DVB-T, specifically the 
free-to-air channels I recieve. I'm dispatching off the network ID for 
everything, like so:
-- from eithelper.cpp: --
    // Norway
    fix[8770U  << 16] = EITFixUp::kFixNO;

This may be too broad. May I just go ahead, and leave it up to others to 
write a narrower entry? Might possibly move special cases out to a 
"FixNRK", but it looks as if the number of customizations in these files 
is going to grow pretty fast as DVB is spreading around the world. Are 
we just letting things grow out of hand until we have enough "raw 
material" for building a few hard-coded rules, and  moving the rest off 
to user-scripts? Having a "FixPerlEmbed" would seem like a logical route 
to me.

It is easy to get carried away when tweaking the EPG visual result and 
balancing against the ease of use in making recording rules. Do I leave 
stuff like "Film: " at the start of descriptions in, or is it better to 
remove them? The result certainly LOOKS more pleasing without thos 
textual markers, especially since mythweb color-codes movies anyway.

Will there be a consolidation effort on the fixup-code, so that I should 
try to keep commonalities as separable stretches of code, or do I just 
follow my instinct and twirl the spaghetty as tightly as possible around 
my fancy of the day?

P.S: I have been holding off on this effort as long as my custom version 
of tv_grab_no held together, but it broke just this week. Some tweaks 
are definitely needed, no matter what source of guide data one uses.


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