[mythtv] Plugin development.

Zacarias Benta zbenta at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 14:58:34 UTC 2010

1)  download the source from www.mythtv.org for **BOTH** mythtv and the
> plugins
> 2)  go to your copy of the source and run the configure script with
> whatever you need for parameters (e.g., for building on Fedora, one
> wants to install to /usr so I usually use --prefix=/usr, but there are
> other things as well, type ./configure --help for a list).  You will
> need to run the configure scripts in both the mythtv and mythplugins
> directories (I think).
> 3) You DO NOT need to compile mythtv -- only run the configure scripts.
> 4) Move your source tree for the mythhello plugin into the plugin directory
> 5) change back to using ../../mythconfig.mak and /../../settings.pro
> in your .pro file
> 6) qmake-qt4 -recursive
> 7) make
> 8) see what happens.

I did it as you mentioned but still have the same errors.

Zacarias Benta
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