[mythtv] It appears r23530 disables mpeg2 and h.264 VDPAU for feature set A & B cards

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Thu Feb 11 04:43:54 UTC 2010

In function GetBestSupportedCodec, a line was added:

MythCodecID VideoOutputVDPAU::GetBestSupportedCodec(
    uint width,       uint height,
    uint stream_type, bool no_acceleration)
    bool use_cpu = no_acceleration;
    VideoDisplayProfile vdp;
    vdp.SetInput(QSize(width, height));
    QString dec = vdp.GetDecoder();

    MythCodecID test_cid = (MythCodecID)(kCodec_MPEG1_VDPAU + 
    use_cpu |= !codec_is_vdpau_hw(test_cid);
+    use_cpu |= !MythRenderVDPAU::IsMPEG4Available();
    if ((dec != "vdpau") || getenv("NO_VDPAU") || use_cpu)
        return (MythCodecID)(kCodec_MPEG1 + (stream_type-1));

    return test_cid;

I believe this will cause CPU decoding for all codecs if MPEG4_ASP is 

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