[mythtv] Video Menu not displaying on dvd being inserted - advice on best way to fix

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 7 15:20:49 UTC 2010

I've been chasing down a problem where when mythtv is set to switch to dvd
menu when a dvd is inserted it end up displaying the main menu instead (or
sometimes nothing)
The cause of the problem is that the mediahandler notification sends a
message "ExitToMainMenu" and then calls the media handlers.
The mythvideo media handler executes and displays the video menu. Eventually
the system handles the ExitToMainMenu message which then causes mythtv to
exit the new video menu and return to the main menu.

If you are using the OpenGL painter & were already on the main menu because
this occurs while the original main menu is fading it ends up with the main
menu not being drawn.

There are a couple of ways i can think of fixing it.

1) Delay the media callbacks until the main menu is displayed.
2) Implement and AddStack that sends an event and so the AddStack for the
new menu gets done after the ExitToMainMenu
3) Somehow make the system ignore the 1st exit when it is done on the menu
after being launched in this way.

Any suggestions as to the best way to go, or is there already something that
i have missed?

I suspect 1) is the most general but could have more impact
2) Is probably easier and would just affect mythvideo
3) I really don't like this.



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