[mythtv] Ticket #7847: After resume from long S3 sleep, scheduling via EPG isn't refreshed on EPG

Jeff Lu jll544 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 4 16:30:50 UTC 2010

> Comment(by warpme@…):

> I have question here. How it will behave when mentioned bugs will be
> nailed ?.[[BR]]

Since you've already backported [23397] into your build, you should also apply #8024.

> Can we assume that those 20-30 sec waiting is also SendReceiveStringList
> bug result and when this bug it will be cleared

With #8024 applied, there should be no delay nor popup, unless the BE is unreachable.

(re: popup crash)...
> Should I fill separate bug repot for it ?[[BR]]

At the least, you should generate a proper backtrace for the crash and attach it to your current ticket.


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