[mythtv] Backend self-terminate question

Kenneth Emerson kenneth.emerson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 04:43:44 UTC 2010

This past weekend, my backend failed when starting a recording from my
HD-PVR.  It did not crash but issued this cryptic log message and then

2010-01-30 11:30:03.109 TVRec(4): Changing from None to Watching
2010-01-30 11:30:03.124 TVRec(4): HW Tuner: 4->4
2010-01-30 11:30:04.186 ret_pid(0) child(28949) status(0x0)
2010-01-30 11:30:05.222 ret_pid(0) child(28949) status(0x0)
2010-01-30 11:30:05.487 ret_pid(28949) child(28949) status(0x0)
2010-01-30 11:30:05.522 External Tuning program exited with no error
2010-01-30 11:30:05.625 TVRec(4): rec->GetFileName():
2010-01-30 11:30:05.813 AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free Space:
7.0 GB w/freq: 10 min
terminate called after throwing an instance of '2010-01-30 11:30:05.918
Started recording: Fantastic Four: channel 3760 on cardid 4, sourceid 3
  what():  std::bad_alloc

Since it exited and didn't abort, I did not get a core dump so I have little
more information than this.  Can anyone shed some light on what might have
happened?  At the time, the version was trunk, 23358.  First time I have
seen this.

-- Ken E.
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