[mythtv] Mac OS X Packager from git?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Thu Dec 30 16:33:37 UTC 2010

At 2:37 PM +0000 12/30/10, Stuart Auchterlonie wrote:
>On 19/12/2010 20:37, John Sturgeon wrote:
>>I'm attempting to build the 0-24-fixes branch for Mac OS X and for some reason the osx-packager.pl script seems to be still in 'SVN' mode...
>>./osx-packager.pl -svnbranch release-0-24-fixes
>>[osx-pkg] This version of this script can not build old branches.
>>Please try the branched version instead. e.g.
>>Has anybody built the 'fixes' branch for OSX?
>I've been trying but not succeeded yet on getting things built.
>It's on the long list of things to get through....
Nigel has updated osx-packager.pl in Git.  See the link in the following ticket:


Building of ffmpeg is currently disabled but I'm not sure that has any implications for Mac users. (MacOS backend and frontend.)  I think ffmpeg is mostly (only?) used for nuvexport which only works with nupplevideo files.  For sure, the HDHomerun records  MPEG-TS format.  I believe firewire recorders are the same. 


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