[mythtv] EIT fix for Czech DVB-S/T

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Sun Dec 26 13:01:49 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have written and attached a patch that fixes the worst anomalies in
the DVB-S/DVB-T EPG for Czech TVs. It's against an old 0.23fixes for now
- I'll update it for 0.24 and trunk when I upgrade to QT 4.6 equipped
Debian release.

I have a question regarding the way the EIT fixes are enabled - I don't
like the transport ID/network ID mask as a switch. Is it unique at all?
How is it working for DVB-T when there are many transmitters - are the
TID/NID same across the whole country? How about enabling it per channel
somehow so that users can turn it on/off on their own? And how can I
find out where some channel is getting EPG from? Since it seems like for
a particular channel it's reading its EIT from a different transport
because my EIT fix is not enabled for it.

Another question is about sharing of EIT data between same channels
(same channum, same callsign) of different sources. It seems wasteful to
scan for EIT on each card when they are all pointing to the same
satellite. If the callsign is same why not share the data for that

Last thing is that since I switched from manual mythfilldatabase filling
to this automatic EIT fetching Myth scheduler no longer uses the other
two DVB cards and keeps scheduling all recordings on first card only. I
suppose this is some kind of misconfiguration but when I was feeding
Myth the EPG data from XML file it was recording OK from all three
cards. Perhaps some channels on the other cards don't have its EPG data
but I don't see it because all channels with same channum+callsign are
shown just once so they might be masking out the 'empty' channels. Not
sure how to debug it without renaming the channums and callsigns.
Possibly by posting to -users list.

Thanks and enjoy,


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