[mythtv] Mac OS X Packager from git?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sun Dec 19 21:04:06 UTC 2010

At 12:37 PM -0800 12/19/10, John Sturgeon wrote:
>I'm attempting to build the 0-24-fixes branch for Mac OS X and for some reason the osx-packager.pl script seems to be still in 'SVN' mode...
>./osx-packager.pl -svnbranch release-0-24-fixes
>[osx-pkg] This version of this script can not build old branches.
>Please try the branched version instead. e.g.
>Has anybody built the 'fixes' branch for OSX?

I've been messing around with converting osx-packager.pl to use git.  I have not got a successful build of .24-fixes (or any other branch) but the current problem seems to be related to the recent changes to ffmpeg.  But I could be entirely wrong. 

(I am not a developer.  I don't even play one on television.)

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