[mythtv] Ticket #5013: Constant PESPacket CRC check failure

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Wed Dec 15 00:20:08 UTC 2010

>>> The real solution would involve making sure that TS Packets for PID 0x14
>>> end up in the derived class instead of the base class.

>> there is no need to calculate the CRC if we know that we will not use
>> it, I'll move the streamid check

> Or even better - fix PESPacket::HasCRC(), currently it checks a bit that
> has nothing to do with CRC in table sections.
> Also CRC is skipped for TDT because of it size.

PESPacket is the base class, PSITable a subclass of it. HasCRC is
implemented in both. But sometimes we end up in the wrong
implementation because we put a SI table into an instance of PESPacket.

So the fix will be making sure that the right stuff goes to the right
pipe, but that's a bit more involved then just making the misleading
messages go away ;)

> (this will of cause result in result in 2 CRC checks per table section
> compared to the aprox. 1.5 CRC checks currently done =)
> What is the story behind PESPacket anyway?


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