[mythtv] [RFC] New Win32 build script

Lawrence Rust lvr at softsystem.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 14:53:12 UTC 2010

Since the change from svn to git, the existing Windows build script is
broken.  In this light and the fact that the mythfrontend produced by
the current Perl script suffers from Qt compatibility issues with
MythMusic then I decided to re-write it to support both native and
hosted (cross compiled) builds.  The result can be viewed here..

There is an archive containing the script and its associated patches

The patches are in mythpatches and are organised in sub-directories, one
per project.  The mythplugins folder contains my previously announced
patch for mythmusic to use libcdio to play & rip CD's.  This patch is
optional and can be deleted if desired.

I would be most pleased if anyone can try this and let me know your
experiences.  If all goes well I'll submit it to Trac.

Comments please...

Cross compile on Linux
- unzip -q -d mythbuildw32 mythbuildw32.zip
- cd mythbuildw32
- source ./mythbuildw32

Now wait...  By default, the script will checkout fixes/0.24 but this
can be changed by setting BRANCH=[tag] before e.g.
BRANCH=master source ./mythbuildw32

The script creates a Windows installation in ./mythbuild/win32 and a zip
installation archive in ./mythbuild/mythtv-w32.zip

To run mythfrontend use wine e.g:
export MYTHCONFDIR="H:/mythconf-wine"
wine mythbuild/win32/mythfrontend.exe -w -geometry 1280x720

Build on Windows
You'll need 2GB VM (physical preferably) and about 10GB disk.

- Install the MinGW/Msys environment available here:
- Click: "Automated MinGW Installer" / "mingw-get-inst" ...
- Download and run the installer. When prompted select:
MSYS basic system
MinGW Developer Toolkit

- Copy mythbuildw32.zip to the Msys home folder e.g.
- Right click the archive and select "Extract All..."
- Start an Msys shell: Start/All Programs/MinGW/MinGW Shell
- cd mythbuildw32
- ./mythbuildw32

The script creates a Windows installation in ./mythbuild/win32 and a zip
installation archive in ./mythbuild/mythtv-w32.zip

To run mythfrontend execute:

-- Lawrence Rust

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