[mythtv] ANNOUNCEMENT: MythTV is moving to Github

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On 05/12/2010 5:30 AM, E. Westbrook wrote: 

On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 03:10, E. Westbrook <mythtv-dev at westbrook.com> wrote:

And I seem to hear a lot of "I run Gentoo" on the -users list, for whatever
that's worth.

Replying to myself, but interesting data.

Latest Gentoo official "stable" ebuild: 0.22_p24255
Latest "unstable" (bleeding-edge) ebuild: 0.23.1_p27077.

They're a bit behind, to say the least.

So that would imply that *any* Gentoo user running any contemporary MythTV
version would pretty much *have* to be either using MarcT's ebuilds or
rolling their own.



As a gentoo user myself, this is why I just compile from source.  AFAIK,
nothing else in portage depends on mythtv, so it doesn't break anything.  I
know I *should* follow the gentoo way, but got tired of updating my ebuilds
just to update myth.



And that is the whole point behind my overlay. You don't have to modify any
ebuilds, I'll handle that for you if anything breaks. Just report a bug on
my github and don't move past that version until I fix it.


The overlay provides 2 ways to pull from the repo:

The First, Just run them, they will pull the head of whichever branch you
are using.

The Second, Specify a commit in your /etc/make.conf.

This has become a little harder with mythtv's change to git. Because of the
limitations of git, you cannot just checkout a subfolder like you could when
you only wanted nuvexport or mythweb etc. As such the developers split the
main mythtv repo into several this is why we have all the repos we have at


Currently, if you were running head on fixes/0.24 on Dec 3rd without issue,
but then upgraded today Dec 5th and it broke everything, and by everything I
mean mythweb, Myth and all your plugins, and myththemes. To go back to the
last commit of Dec 3rd for all the repos you would have to place the
following in your make file.




Where as previously you used to be able to say, ok I knew everything worked
on 27305 which allowed you to place MYTHTV_SVN_REVISION="27305" In your make


JYA, in response to your "I can't see the need" comment. 

When I was running main trunk I used to use it to make sure all my systems
were running the same revision. Since major changes can happen in trunk in
minutes it's almost a requirement or else one machine could be trying to
connect to the backend with a different protocol version. I have also used
this ability to narrow down or even locate exactly which commit introduced a
bug in myth before reporting them.



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