[mythtv] git issues

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Sun Dec 5 10:09:30 UTC 2010

> With svn i used to checkout mythweb directly to my web server dir
> So to keep mythweb up to date all i had to do was a "svn up" and I was done.
> I assume that won't work very well since git always puts an extra folder
> before the real one (for example mythtv/mythtv and mythtv/mythplugins)
instead fo svn export
git archive HEAD | tar xzf -

also combine repos with submodule in main mythtv repo if you prefer 1 
tree like before.

also transferring patches use stgit (if you were using git svn 
previously like me)
uncommit your patches, export them,
then import patches into new repo stgit


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