[mythtv] ANNOUNCEMENT: MythTV is moving to Github

Graham TerMarsch mythtv at howlingfrog.com
Fri Dec 3 00:00:43 UTC 2010

On December 1, 2010, Jonathan Martens wrote:
> On 1-12-2010 20:55, Chris Petersen wrote:
> > We will continue to use trac for tracking bugs, so please do not use the
> > github issue tracker.
> > 
> > More information will be posted at mythtv.org tomorrow.
> Will you also be addressing the different build scripts or will there be
> a parallel path for them to keep pulling from SVN?

Why not just point your SVN client at Github, and make use of their ability to 
do an SVN checkout of a Git repo?


As an interim solution, it might be a quick way to keep automated builds 
running, until scripts can be updated to use Git instead.

And no, their announcement was not an April's Fools joke; it really *does* 
work; I just did an SVN checkout of one of my own projects on Github and it 
worked fine.

Graham TerMarsch
Howling Frog Internet Development, Inc.

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