[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #8826: Changeset [25856] brakes windows compilation with non default MinGW path

Jeff Lu jll544 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 20:30:34 UTC 2010

> I'm wondering how your experience is on Qt 4.6?  

On the "production" side of things, I've been running 0.23-fixes on Qt 4.6.2 for 
months, without issues, on XP, Vista, and Win7 (x32 and x64).  I have yet to 
update my 0.23-fixes build VM to Qt 4.6.3, so I can't say if that has changed 

My trunk build VM has Qt 4.6.3, but I haven't tested beyond compile and launch 
because I don't currently have a trunk backend.  That said, I haven't had any 
problems starting the frontend and getting the expected DB mismatch screen.

> I am experiencing a lot of issues even with app 
> startup, and they feel like Qt issues. 

I did encounter app initialization problems when I switched to gcc 4.4, but that 
was fixed by updating MinGW bintools to 2.20.  Maybe run "/mingw/bin/ld 
--version" just to make sure the update isn't being skipped somehow?  Or make 
sure there aren't any other copies of ld in the path?  *If* this is the same 
issue, another workaround is to disable ffmpeg's use of __attribute__((cold)).

> being unable to start most of the apps (as reported by Richard, and I am seeing 
> it intermittently myself, on Windows 7).

My build VMs are WinXP; perhaps I'll try building on a Win7 VM to see if that 
makes any difference.



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