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David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
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>Yes and yes. I will submit the patch as soon as I have it ready. 
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>On 11 Aug 2010, at 16:09, Raymond Wagner <raymond at wagnerrp.com> wrote:
>On 8/11/2010 04:37, Matt Pyne wrote: 
>Do you have any thoughts on dropping the use of upnpmedia table and serving the videometadata table instead?  I have a working patch for this and from my point of view it is much better because you get the coverart and descriptions of the video >elements.
>Moving to the `videometadata` table instead of doing its own scan through `upnpmedia` is absolutely preferred, however mythvideo is being migrated to use storage groups.  Does your implementation support the relative paths stored in the database >when storage groups are in use?  Does it support access to content on remote backends, not available on the local file system?
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When I originally wrote the upnp stack, I had it use the videometadata table.  Some time ago, someone else switched it to use the upnpmedia table.  If I remember correctly this was done due to the fact that the videometadata table didn't contain data unless the MythVideo plugin was installed on a frontend (which not everyone has) and a scan was performed.  Also, newly added video's weren't picked up unless by upnp clients unless MythVideo was opened and a new scan was performed.

I personally feel that the video, music, photos, etc...  scanning/tracking should be part of the backend and not tied to the MythVideo plugin (I also think it should all be in one table with unique properties stored in related tables, but that's a different conversation) .  I know there is a lot of work being done to integrate mythvideo, add Storage Group support and use the new FileSystemWatcher Qt class to detect new files instead of scanning, all of which will make the final implementation completely different.

Just wanted to give you a little history.


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