[mythtv] UPNP

Matt Pyne mattpyne at yahoo.co.uk
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This is true, however, I have code that will detect the Sony (assuming it has a 
unique client ID string) and then pass that to the upnp classes, which can force 
the media type to AVI.

Paul, which version of Myth are you building?  I will send you some code, that 
if you run and send me back the log files for will allow me to add the support 
you need.


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the Sony BDP-S370. It kinda
>works in that the S370 will play just about any format, but only
>if the file on the server side has a name ending in .avi. I assume
>it's something to do with mime type. I'd be happy to fix it
>myself, but I could with some pointers as to where to get started.

The MIME types are mostly guessed by the extension,
g_MIMETypes, TestMimeType() and GetMimeType() in

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