[mythtv] ffmpeg-mt library replacement

gluceri at tiscali.it gluceri at tiscali.it
Wed Sep 30 13:41:34 UTC 2009

the patches are for both ffmpeg-mt and MythTV. I tried to keep ffmpeg-
mt as tidy as i can and modify only MythTV sources. But unfortunately 
(maybe my lack of knowlegde) I had to make some little change to ffmpeg-
mt code too.

Just to be clear, I download MythTV svn trunk, remove the libav* dirs 
and "replaced" with  (indeed symlinked to) ffmpeg-mt ones. Then I patch 
some sources here and there (in BOTH MythTV and ffmpeg-mt), adapt the 
spec file to avoid complain about OpenSUSE libs and rebuild rpms.

I did a symlink to ffmpeg-mt instead of copy them because ... 
otherwise it will not build due to some misconfiguration in libsettings.
pro (due to the ffmpeg-mt libsav*) I was not able to solve.

Obviously, the whole stuff need to be tested since it builds, and 
LiveTV run nice but I don't know if I break something else.


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