[mythtv] Time-stretch for DVB-T captions?

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at alstadheim.priv.no
Sat Sep 26 11:35:28 UTC 2009

Hi, I just added this : "Allow time-stretch of subtitles, at least 
proportional to playback timestretch, preferrably independent. (tested 
using dvb-t in Norway, may be a bug, but subtitles stay on-screen for 
short time even when playback is slowed down) Submitter: hakon, Sat, 26 
Sep 2009 11:17:22 +0000" to the wiki wish-list.

There may be a bug in when/how long subtitles are displayed for dvb-t in 
Norway, but here is a feature request independent of that. Subtitles 
(aka captions) are put up on screen just as the last word is spoken. 
This is probably "correct" in some sense of the word, but it feels a bit 
frustrating having to wait until a whole sentence is spoken before 
knowing what is being said. Anyway, whether or not this is "correct" for 
some value of "corect", there seems to be a fixed, quite short time 
before it disappears again. I have trouble following sometimes, not to 
mention my 4th grader. Trying to reduce the speed (hit "A" and left 
arrow), slows down playback, but the captions disappear in the same, 
frustratingly short, time :-/.

I'd try to hack a patch but the code is way to dense for me to grasp 
(yet). Any feed-back on the soundness of my idea and how hard it would 
be to implement is appreciated. Thanks, Håkon.

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