[mythtv] Translation mailing list?

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Fri Sep 25 02:10:10 UTC 2009


I was wondering if it would be possible (and a good idea) to have a MythTV
translation mailing list...

I don't mean a mailing list that deal with one specific translation, these can be 
setup by the each translator team (for the French one for example we already have 
one...), I mean a mailing list where people could ask how they can make a new 
translation, update an existing one, etc...

In the case of our team there have been quite a few places where we were unsure how 
something could be translated (some things are harder to translate than others and 
some are simply currently untranslatable). Fortunately for us since we are working on 
the translation as a team we always had one of us, in turn, find an answer to the 
problems we had which unfortunately might not be the case for somebody working on a 
translation alone.

There also seem to be some common mistakes people are making like submitting 
translations with "unfinished" tag on newly translated string because the people who 
translated them did not know they had to remove it. If these people had a place they 
could ask their questions problems like this might not have occured...

Some of the issues we face when translating MythTV are sometimes theme (the maximum 
number of characters for some fields is a good example, some themes don't give us 
enough space to work with) or programming related (the ways some fields are 
concatenated, unlocalizable strings (string that come straight from the backend are a 
good example, the backend should be free of needing localization support), external 
scripts with no localization support, etc...) but a lot of problem we face are simply 
because we don't always know how to do something...

Thank you very much for your time,


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