[mythtv] Why window manager is required for fullscreen mode?

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Thu Sep 17 14:43:04 UTC 2009

Alexey Midenkov wrote:
> I know that currently window manager solves focus issues. What other 
> functionality is required from window manager? It would be better to 
> get this functionality directly in MythTV if it's not too complex. 
> Thanks!

What problem are you trying to solve by getting rid of the window manager?

X applications expect a window manager. Even were myth to be able to 
work without one, applications that it launches could still have 
problems without one.

Windows managers can be small. After all, we are talking about a window 
manager not a desktop environment. I maintain MiniMyth, which attempts 
to be a compact distribution. In it, I use ratpoison as the window 
manager, which is 101548 bytes in size (even less in the compressed 
image). There are many other things to go after besides the window 
manager that would reduce the size by much more than that.

Windows managers make it easier to use programs such as xmacroplay to 
script the control of applications. This is useful when needing to 
shutdown applications that use SDL, such as many of the game emulatiors.

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