[mythtv] Is there an easier way to update menu content other than manual?

Clark Lee clarkchen900 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Sep 16 03:00:55 UTC 2009

wow.... You can say 'Hellow' in Chinese!

Yeah, I guess the only way is to do the theme menu translation manually. I am just hasistate to repeat it for three times. Actually I notice there is some inconsistance in the translation of ZH_TW among these three menu themes.

Would it be easier to write a script to manage the theme menu items in one place, like simple database, and generate different XML theme menus? Is there any XML tool that can help that?
(and it is sad to hear that thaare are more than three sets of menu... )


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Ni Hao!

> My question is: is there a simplier way that allow me to just manage one center of menu translation list can update the three automatically?

Sadly, no.

The code could conceivably be changed to separate
the menu structure and their translated names,
but that is assuming that the context
(i.e. the menu page a button appears in)
isn't important in the translated string.

> I hasitate to do all these manually as it requires quite some boreing and repeative work.

1) I'm not a linguist, but isn't that the nature of translation?
Inserting nuance, peer review, checking and double-checking, et c.

2) Note that it is more than just those three - some of the items in
mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/media_settings.xml are also duplicated in


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