[mythtv] Why MythTV didn't handle the UK Freeview lineup change

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Tue Sep 15 10:53:50 UTC 2009

Ed W wrote:
> I have a guess that this problem might be as follows (might)
> - When you delete the channel I believe that the delete from the 
> channels table happens immediately (not checked the code, but this seems 
> reasonable). - However, it *may* not clear down the program table which 
> contains the "what's on" info? (not checked)
> - It's possible (but unlikely based on what I observe normally) that 
> your deleted channel number is re-used when the channel is added back 
> again and as a result the program information (what's on) is apparently 
> immediately visible when in fact it's just the stale info that applied 
> to the previous channel
> - At any later stage doing some kind of refresh of the guide data will 
> correctly update the guide data (as you would expect)
> So (possibly) your problem revolves around you prefering to see no guide 
> data after deleting and re-adding a channel, versus seeing stale data 
> when doing the same.  In all cases refreshing the guide data is the only 
> way to refresh the guide data!
> Does this seem plausible?

I finally got around to rescanning so as Myth would fetch programs for
Virgin1 correctly. I hadn't up to now because I so rarely see anything
there I want to record. The procedure didn't entirely work, so I thought
it might be worth reporting here.

My starting point was with none of the +1 channels set up correctly.
I have them present with their names and icons, but with no programs
listed (I just tend not to need the +1 channels).

My procedure was:

   Shutdown mythbackend

   Run mythsetup


   Exit mythsetup

   Startup mythbackend

   Run mythfilldatabase.

At the end of that procedure, Virgin1 was set up correctly with
all the programs listed at the correct time, other than one thing.
It was named Virgin1+1. I changed the name manually in the database
and all has been well since.

Could the problem be that channels that already have names do
not have their names updated during the scan?


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