[mythtv] Problems importing channels.conf

Benny Renkens benny.renkens at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 19:07:28 UTC 2009


Since a couple of days I checked out a new revision of mythtv
(revision 21779). After some small problem during compilation (missing
define in util-vdpau.cpp) Everything seemed to go smoothly. I'm using
a Technotrend S2 3200 card, and mythtv seems to recognize it without
any patching. Great.

Everything went ok untill I tried to import my channels.conf file.
Starting "mythtv-setup -v all" didn't really provide more usefull
information I just get the error "Failed to open %1" when I click
"next" in the "input connections" screen. (Just after specifying the
location of my channels.conf.) I tried all the obvious stuff:
* Fill in complete pathname including file / excluding file,
* Starting mytht-setup with verbose output,
* Threw away entrire database content and re-created empty one.
* Doing stuff as root
* Tried to find the error in the code base but "Failed to open" is to generic

I'm really running out of options, except for inserting the channels
manually into the sql database. Which is alot of work I guess...

Does anybody have any ideas?


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