[mythtv] Ticket #4879: use some slack on recording starttime

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Fri Sep 11 11:14:56 UTC 2009

Stuart Morgan wrote:
> By example - In most schedules that I setup, there are just three options I 
> change from the defaults - the rule type, the priority and the duplicate match 
> method. The latter I have to change for everything but one-off rules because 
> the default of "Subtitle & Description" just doesn't work in the UK, our 
> subtitles are always consistent and available, but descriptions change 
> especially when an episode is repeated. 'Subtitle then Description' works 
> perfectly, but it's a pain to change it every time, so as part of converting 
> the schedule editor to mythui I've added a setting which optionally remembers 
> a preferred method.

This sounds very good. As an example, in Finland I always use 
'Description' since the default check method does not work because in 
here we don't have subtitles at all. I have local mod which changes the 
default to 'Subtitle' both in MFE and MythWeb but have been thinking 
that there should be way to have the user's preferred method 
automatically selected instead of the current hard coded default.

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