[mythtv] RFC: Better handling of time changes for a Single Recording

Matthias Dahl ml_mythtv-devel at mortal-soul.de
Fri Sep 11 07:37:09 UTC 2009

Hi Rob.

On Thursday 10 September 2009 22:36:07 Rob Smith wrote:

> there's typically reruns a few hours later (4 hours offset or so)
> or later the week/weekend. 

I have no idea in which country you live but here in Germany for example 
that's not true. Especially bigger shows usually don't get repeated any more, 
at least not for several weeks or month. Also if you are thinking about those 
time offset channels (+1), those practically don't exist in Germany. In know 
this is different in the UK for example but MythTV should suit every ones 
needs if possible and not that of a particular country.

> By the time I'd notice something is corrupt, it's out of frequent play mode
> and onto a few weeks/months until I can re-catch it.

If I miss a recording because MythTV magically decided to pass out, I'm 
usually instantly in the weeks/months realm. :) So what's worse, no recording 
at all or just some corruption like a second of garbled picture?

> So giving me a partial recording is way worse then just missing it imho

I agree with f-myth-users at media (could you please give us a nick or real 
name?) that it would be favorable if MythTV could by itself decide if a 
recording got corrupted and needs re-recording. But that is easier said than 

So long,

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