[mythtv] Ticket #4879: use some slack on recording starttime

Matthias Dahl ml_mythtv-devel at mortal-soul.de
Fri Sep 11 07:28:51 UTC 2009

Hi David.

On Friday 11 September 2009 07:06:27 David Engel wrote:

> BTW, trying to achieve a 'one touch' record ideal is the path to
> madness, IMHO.  [...] Myth can't read minds and never will.  The only way
> for the user to get what they want is to tell Myth what they want. 

That's exactly the point actually. The user told MythTV to record that 
particular show by choosing it from an EPG listing and expects the system to 
do exactly that: record that show. If the start time changes by a minute or 
even ten minutes, it's still the very same show. There is no mind reading 
necessary for MythTV to figure out what the user wants. ;-)
Recording while one is away is one of the main reasons for a PVR, so there is 
no way one could/should check every recording just before it begins... besides 
that this would be totally user unfriendly.

So long,

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