[mythtv] Tagging recordings....

Gary D Walborn gwalborn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 13:41:16 UTC 2009

I suppose that this has been mentioned before, but MythTV should tag
files with enough info to import the file into the system (and the
database).  I'm not sure if the nuppelvideo format support tags.  I'm
quite sure that all the mpeg formats do.  I suppose a separate file with
tags would be better than nothing, but that should be an option.  I ran
MythTV for a couple of years and recently upgraded the system, skipping
several versions.  I backed up my database but have been unable to get
hundreds of recordings in the new version.  If I try to import just the
recording info (not the entire database), I get a message that columns
are missing.  If I import the whole database, the new version does not
seem to be able to upgrade the database to the new version (I get
repeated upgrade messages even though I select "Upgrade" from the
dialog.  It MUST be easier to import pre-existing files into MythTV.
This is very frustrating.

Gary Walborn
gwalborn at gmail.com

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